Buried is now out for iOS and Android, and is on Steam Greenlight!

Buried is out!

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The Bromoco Games team is thrilled to announced the launch of our debut title Buried today on mobile and PC. The interactive dark fiction title is available for $2.99 on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Steam. Go pick up your copy now!

We built this story to be made up of stunning photos, a haunting soundscape, and text. The game is inspired by games like The Walking Dead and features branching and alternate story lines based on choices the player makes. They must decide how to approach danger, who to trust, and who lives or dies.

Our main character is Roger Hastings, a logger working in the forests of Kentucky with his crew. When he awakens to find his friends missing and no memory of what’s happened, he begins searching, uncovering something that should have stayed hidden.

I (Brice) had a blast working with Barry Napier, Buried’s main writer. He’s had his work appear in more than 40 online and print publications. He is the creator of several popular fiction series including The Bleeding Room, the Everything Theory series, The Hollows and The Masks of Our Fathers. Ben our main programmer and Robert our artist have also been great teammates.

We’ve gone through thousands of revisions to hopefully create something you all will love. I’m excited to see what you think!