Penguins are taking over Cloud Grove (and you could name him!)

Penguins, twitch, and buried tunnels. We have a lot of exciting things going on at Bromoco Games, so I thought it was worth giving you a few updates!

Releasing Buried, our Dark Interactive Story

Crowdsourcing life or death decisions

We released Buried back in January on iOS, Android, and Steam. It was great to finally get our first game out. The reception has been in the 4.5-5 stars range across all platforms, which is gratifying.

Probably my favorite experience of the whole launch was seeing over 900 people watch Twitch streamer iateyourpie play through the entire game live. The whole thing took 8 hours, which is a crazy long time for people to watch a single game! It was HILARIOUS. I can’t remember the last time I laughed more. If you are ever in need of a good-natured peanut gallery, iateyourpie’s audience is the place to go.

So what’s next? I’d like us to do another interactive fiction game eventually, but first I want us to turn back to a game that we’ve made great headway on: Cloud Grove.

The Penguin is here!

Your future best friend

Cloud Grove is s a very different style of game from Buried, and we showed it off at PAX last year. It’s a puzzle game where you try to manipulate nature-inspired blocks. I made a prototype on Kongregate a few years ago called Sky Garden (you can play that for free here).

This is a screenshot of a new block type: the Penguin. What does the Penguin do? Well for one he stands there and looks really cool (no pun intended).

As for his function in the puzzles…you’ll just have to wait and see.

Leave a comment with your suggestion!

And more importantly: what is his name? Well, that’s also a bit of a mystery right now. We are searching for the perfect name. If YOU have that perfect name, then leave a note in the comments. You could name the mystery penguin!

Pro tip: Be sure to give his full name, not just first name. This is his identity we’re talking about here.

Leave a comment below, and more updates soon!

12 thoughts on “Penguins are taking over Cloud Grove (and you could name him!)”

  1. Frits E Banks. Something about the name Frits sounds like someone that doesn’t quite know what they are doing as they need the player to guide them through the level, the E is more there as it rolls of the tongue more. Banks is there as in snow banks.

  2. I love penguins! They’re cute and funny, and stupid-lovely, especially when they slipped on the ice. So I may name this penguin Philiper Ice. Because Philiper sounds like flipper, and penguins have those two cute flippers. The last name Ice represented the place they came from. I think it’s a pretty cool name, what do you think?

    1. Ha! That’s a good one. I’ve never heard the name Philiper before. Good thought put into this one. We’ll have to see if we can incorporate some slippage as well – or maybe gliding on their belly.

  3. I met one of the developers at Pax last year. I had really fun conversation with him about adding a penguin for the cold blocks. I don’t if this idea came from that but I am glad it is in their. Keep being awesome.

    1. Hi Dus! I think I remember this conversation at PAX, yeah we were bouncing around with the idea already, and then talking with you about it really pushed it over the edge. Awesome!

      1. Hurray, I am glad you remember. I propose the name Oswald, in reference to the magnanimous Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepots.

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